17 Mar 2024 • Sebastian Estay

Our participation in this year’s Robot SM is official! We have just registered our team in the category Folk Race Standard. Our team’s name is Spark-savvy and our self driving car is called Sparky Mk1. Magnus will be team captain.

Start module

One requirement that we need to take into consideration is the inclusion of an start module, to make sure “that everyone start simultaneously and on equal terms”. The start module is a small trigger that provides a remote start signal to the controller. Our job here is to provide a three pin connection (VCC, GND and Start) so that the start module can be connected to our control PCB, and implement the necessary logic to receive the trigger signal and start the car. The start module is supposedly been sold at the day of the competition so we need to remember to get one.

Three out of five

Unfortunately only three of us will travel to Gothemburg. But make no mistake, we will make our best to represent the team and take the win home.