Initial design

03 Mar 2024 • Sebastian Estay

Since we don’t have enough time, we will use modules to start programming. The platform we chose to use is Adafruit Feather. The microcontroller we will build our design around is the RP2040, which has the speed, number of pins and functionality that we need.

The module driving the wheels will be replaced by Texas Instrument integrated H-bridge DRV8262, to the able to drive more current through the motors.

Adafruit VL53L4CD Time of Flight sensor will be used to measure the distance to the walls around the car. Four distance sensors will be used: Two looking forward to determine when to make a turn, and two perpendicular to the left and right to keep the car centered in the track. One important feauture is its fast updating frequency of up to 100 Hz.

A gyro will be used to detect changes in acceleration to be able to tell if the car is upside down.

The Adafruit Feather platform will allow us to connect the microcontroller with the modules using the STEMMA connector, so minimal soldering will be required to start programming.